The Flexible Office Economy w/ Mark Gilbreath, CEO LiquidSpace

The Flexible Office Economy - Episode 10 - Ben Munn, Managing Director Flex Space, JLL

November 5, 2019

Join host Mark Gilbreath for "THE FLEXIBLE OFFICE ECONOMY" a weekly dive into the fast moving waters of flexible office, coworking, mobility, workplace experience and commercial real estate,  featuring candid conversations with innovators and leaders from across the Flexible Office Economy.   

This weeks guest:

  • Ben Munn, Managing Director Flex Space, JLL 

What you'll hear on this episode

  • From mailroom to Managing Director, a Flexible Office exec's journey
  • The poetry of workplace
  • JLL's view of the forces driving Enterprise adoption of Flexible Office
  • How the status quo is being disrupted within traditional service providers 

People and companies mentioned

Ben Munn, JLL, Mark Gilbreath, LiquidSpace, Gensler, CBRE, Lenny Beaudoin, Hemingway, Picasso, Regus, WeWork, Cushman Wakefield, HOK, Uber, Airbnb, Warby Parker, Rudin, SL Green, EQ Office


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