The Flexible Office Economy w/ Mark Gilbreath, CEO LiquidSpace

The Flexible Office Economy - Ep 12, Chris Kane - Founder, Six Ideas

March 15, 2020

Join host Mark Gilbreath for "THE FLEXIBLE OFFICE ECONOMY" a weekly dive into the fast moving waters of flexible office, Coworking, mobility, workplace experience and commercial real estate,  featuring candid conversations with innovators and leaders from across the Flexible Office Economy.   

This weeks guest:

  • Chris Kane - Founder, Six Ideas

What you'll hear on this episode

  • Corporate real estate's transition from cost center to value creator
  • Shifting the supply demand equation from provider to consumer
  • The missing connection between landlords and occupiers
  • Commercial real estate's beakout from analog to digital
  • Real estates role to play in ESG (Ethical Society and Governments)

People and companies mentioned

Chris Kane, Six Ideas, BBC, Disney Company, Mark Thompson, Frank Becker, Mike Joroff, Corporate Real Estate: The Fifth Resource, JLL, Lisa Picard, EQ Office, Blackstone Charles Handy, Dror Poleg, Adam Neuman

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