The Flexible Office Economy w/ Mark Gilbreath, CEO LiquidSpace

The Flexible Office Economy - Ep 13, Dan Tangherlini - CFO Emerson Collective, former Administrator GSA

June 18, 2020

Join host Mark Gilbreath for "THE FLEXIBLE OFFICE ECONOMY" a weekly dive into the fast moving waters of flexible office, Coworking, mobility, workplace experience and commercial real estate,  featuring candid conversations with innovators and leaders from across the Flexible Office Economy.   

This weeks guest:

  • Dan Tangherlini - CFO at Emerson Collective, former Administrator GSA

What you'll hear on this episode

  • The Govt covid response to COVID and workplace safety
  • Reflections on the GSA’s pursuit of real estate efficiency and “the flexible office plan”
  • The policy vs politics, the WFH vs Office debate
  • Contemplating the economics of workplace health and safety
  • The perils of the current alt-fact world

People and companies mentioned

Dan Tangherlini, Emerson Collective, CDC, USGBC, GSA, PBS, US Treasury Department, Obama, Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, James Gorman, Morgan Stanley, Danny Werfel, Gov Actually, Cass Sunstein


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